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There were basically two burning questions on the minds of all Gilmore Girls fans as we settled in for a long day of bingeing the Netflix reboot on Friday. One, what will be those final four words? And two, which boyfriend will Rory end up with — or will she end up solo?

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Jul 17, AM. Not permanently, mind you, but I think it will be fun for the college years. Doesn't everyone need some time with a spoiled, crazy, rich friend?

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My Review - Great first episode for the season, but it left me wanting more Luke and Lorelai. Next week will be good. Luke reminds Lorelai of how they met, shows her a horoscope she gave him for good luck that he's kept in his wallet, and assures her that he intends to go the distance with her.

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Welcome to GilmoreGirls, a place to love, discuss, and marvel at the awesomeness that is Gilmore Girls. Please feel free to share news or stories pertaining to the Gilmore Girls or any of the other cast members. Gilmoregirls Rules and Etiquette Reminders:. Mark spoilers.

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Lorelai and Rory fans, the best day ever has finally arrived. The full Gilmore Girls series is finally streaming on Netflix. We've all fought over who was the best boyfriend for the one and only Rory Gilmore — I've thought about this for years and have given my heart over to Jess Mariano.

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When it comes to Gilmore Girlspeople have a lot of opinions. Early on in the show's run, the were two definite camps: Team Dean and Team Jess. Instead of just coming clean to Dean about her new feelings for Jess, she strung the poor, tall sap along while she not so discreetly yearned for bad boy Jess.

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Just as Ebenezer Scrooge was haunted by three ghosts, I was worried that Rory would be similarly afflicted by these three dummies. Guess who! Rory has a boyfriend.

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The season concluded on May 17,after 22 episodes. The season picks up at the exact point the previous season ended, with Lorelai embarking on a relationship with Luke and Rory beginning an affair with married Dean. Having finally admitted they are separated, Richard and Emily formalise things by having Richard move into the pool house, with the girls splitting Friday nights between the two of them. Dean's marriage to Lindsay comes to an abrupt end when she finds a letter Rory wrote to him about their night together.

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Rory and Logan began dating in season 5 and broke up in season 7. They met in the courtyard at Yale her sophomore year and said goodbye at her graduation when she denied his marriage proposal. In spite of the fact that he's engaged and she's in a two-year relationship of her own.

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Gilmore Girls rivalry is a very real thing, and most fans already know whose side they're on. When it comes to Rory's boyfriends, it's a tough competition, because each of them has their pros and cons. As the brooding novelist of Rory Gilmore's baes, he's devastatingly attractive and unpredictable.


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