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A Memoir of Ronald Reagan. By Edmund Morris. New York:.

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Toggle navigation. Rating All Green - no rape Orange - rape implied, sexual harassment, sex between adult and teenager, incest Red - child sexual abuse, attempted rape, rape off-screen, rape on-screen. A woman submits to a corrupt official's advances, but only because she believes that it's the only recourse available to her in order to save her husband.

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The title character in this film, based loosely on H. The film title may be more a reference to his nature than to his invisibility. Sebastian Caine Kevin Bacona brilliant, but arrogant and self-centered scientist, heads up a research team pursuing the secrets of invisibility.

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The movies were released 2 years apart and had a number of similarities. Both films featured superstar casts. As for Basic Instinct, it includes brutal murders by way of an ice pick i.

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Posted on Tuesday, April 9th, by Rob Hunter. And invisible. A new one was finally announced earlier this year from director Leigh Whannell, though.

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Every once in a while, a movie comes along that seems so well suited to its director's sensibilities that it's hard to imagine how it could fail. When I first heard that crazy Dutch auteur Paul Verhoeven was essentially remaking the 'The Invisible Man,' only with cutting-edge special effects and heaping helping of sex, gore and violence, I couldn't wait to buy a ticket. It seemed like a no-brainer -- a classic story ripe for a modern update, and one that combined all of the same elements of sci-fi, horror and satire that had made such previous Verhoeven hits as ' RoboCop ,' ' Starship Troopers ' and ' Total Recall ' such fantastic guilty pleasures.

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Think of the possibilities. What would you do? Got some ideas?

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Any act of removing this villain from the category without a Removal Proposal shall be considered vandalism or a futile "heroic" attempt of redemption and the user will have high chances of being terminated blocked. A brilliant but narcissistic scientist, Caine has been tasked with finding a means of conferring invisibility on living beings and eventually returning them to visibility. Though initial tests are successful with animal subjects, Caine's hunger for fame and power leads him to test the invisibility serum on himself; this newfound power allows him the freedom to indulge his criminal fantasies, eventually drawing him steadily closer to insanity as his tolerance for violence grows. Sebastian Caine has been tasked by the Pentagon with the job of formulating and testing a serum that will allow a living being to become invisible, with the eventual intention of harnessing it for the US Military.

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Actor Bacon portrays the titular character, a scientist who renders himself invisibleonly to go on a killing spree after going violently insane, a story inspired by H. Wells ' novel The Invisible Man. A direct-to-video stand-alone sequel called Hollow Man 2starring Christian Slater and Peter Facinelliwas released in

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Kevin Bacon plays Sebastian Caine, a scientist heading up a top-secret project that aims to make invisibility possible; Caine's team includes his ex-girlfriend Linda McKay Elisabeth Shueher new boyfriend Matthew Kensington Josh Brolin and several backup players that you suspect will die hideous deaths, and do. The lab is one of those classic Brutalist-fortress-looking monstrosities; it seems to be located deep in the bowels of the earth but is revealed in helicopter shots to be within biking distance of the U. Capitol seems like a bad idea, but this isn't a film that puts a high price on real-world plausibility, so whatever.


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